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Admani international is an independent utility cost management consultancy, with trading relationships with every business electricity and gas provider operating in the UK.

Admani International is a member of the Utilitywise Umbrella Group that offers true business energy supply contract “whole-of-market” scope, Utilitywise, through the scale of the client portfolio volume has access to pricing books, products and service levels unattainable by an individual business customer.



Spend Reduction

Through full market coverage, expert knowledge in the field and supplier-introduced volumes, we secure exciting client savings.

Enhanced Customer Service & Support

Ourumbrella organisation boasts a significant internal account management team and a network of partners trading through us to gain access to “top tier” supplier relationships and to our service levels and pricing. Every customer is assigned an industry specialist account manager, with access to dedicated business electricity supplier resource. As a result, customer services and billing queries are resolved more effectively and efficiently than an individual consumer may expect by going direct to standard supplier customer services channels.

Bureau Service

We can conduct electricity & gas supply invoice verification on our clients behalf, avoiding lengthily periods of estimated reads, ensuring invoices are to contract and negotiating any rebates where applicable.

Tailored Approach

We can offer business electricity & gas contracts from fixed price, fixed term.








Admani International was established in 2006. During the last 5 years we have built a reputation as a reputable importer of stocks from Turkey. We represent many manufacturers and specialise in textiles.

It is with the trade activity of dealing with the International Community that has taken us down a path of exporting to UAE, India and China.

Our Unique Selling Points are that we are ables to turn orders around in some cases in 3 weeks and most cases 6 weeks.

Our expertise in sourcing the appropriate product for each client has taken our travels globally where we are able to source economical products at affordable prices. With commodities and utilitiy prices soaring through the roof, it is ever more important to get the best advice and source from reputable operators.

PAPER SCRAP TRADING:  Our commitment to the Environment!

Presently, our group is purchasing paper scrap locally and exporting to India and China, which in turn is purchased by leading paper mills for reuse. We also maintain a warehouse at Al- Qouz industrial area, Dubai, UAE to store this paper scrap for processing and sorting.

Based on good response received from the customers their requiremenis are increasing substantially, offering us tremendous business opportunity for the same.

543 Fulwood Road, Sheffield, S10 3QG

Tel: +44 7885 1185 99

Sales Contact: Nadim Admani


  • Admani International is pleased to announce its partnership with UAE Trading Company Impact General Trading.
    Admani International will continue to grow from strength to strength with a strong partnership founded with common goals. "To lead is to Serve"
  • Impact markets a full range of Scrap paper and Waste paperboard products in addition to a full line of specialty services providing customers with a consistent supply and quality at competitive prices under all market conditions.

    Grades Included

    • Matt paper (art, Lwc,News print)
    • Reel end (art, lwc, newsprint)
    • Empty core ( 15 inches to 57 inches)
    • Occ11
    • Dsocc 12
    • Ndlkc
    • Cone and core.
    • Mixed Paper
    • Mixed Office Paper
    • Plastic Windowed Kraft Envelope
    • Repacked NewsPrint
    • Printed Kraft Envelope
    • DeInking Grade Newsprint
    • Plastic Windowed Printed Kraft Envelope
    • OverIssue News
    • White Ledger
    • News Blank
    • Manifold White Ledger & CPO
    • BoxBoard
    • CPO & Laser Printed White Ledger
    • BoxBoard with Poly
    • Colored Ledger
    • Waxed BoxBoard
    • Manifold Colored Ledger
    • BoxBoard with Foil
    • Super Ledger
    • Old Corrugated Cardboard
    • Carbon Interleafed Ledger
    • Waxed Corrugated
    • Carbonless Thermal Ledger Paper
    • Beer Carton Waste
    • Hard White
    • DLK Double Lined Kraft
    • Mixed Tab Cards
    • Bleached Kraft
    • ManilaTab Cards
    • LPBK Lightly Printed Bleached Kraft
    • Colored Tab Cards
    • PBK Printed Bleached Kraft
    • Manila File Folder Stock
    • Colored Kraft
    • Soft White
    • Brown Kraft
    • Groundwood Fiber
    • Kraft MultiWall Bag Waste
    • Magazines
    • Kraft MultiWall PolyBag Waste
    • Magazines with HotMelt
    • Carrier Stock
    • Books & Book Stock
    • Mixed Envelope (new)
    • Waxed Cup Stock
    • White Envelope
    • Glassine
    • Plastic Windowed White Envelope
    • Aseptic Packaging
    • Colored Envelope
    • Solid Fiber Containers
    • Plastic Windowed Colored Envelope
    • Other Waste Paper
    • Kraft Envelope

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